• Product name: CH9SB Performance Features
  • Product ID: 11
  • Now is the time: 2011-09-23

主要参考数 Specification:

型号 Model:


额定承载 Nominal Load(Kg):


轮距 Wheel Tread(mm):

最大输出扭矩 Max.Troque Output(N.m)


桥壳截面 Housing Spec.(mm ×mm)


主减速比 Ratio 3.909、4.333、4.875、5.571
鼓式制动器规格 Drum Brake Spec.(mm ×mm) φ410×220
盘式制动器规格 Disc Brake Spec 22.5“
自重 Axle Weight(Kg) 570
匹配车型 Matching Model 9M~10.5M BUS

Performance characteristics

1. Korean-Made Carrier Assembly ensures Low Noise.
2. Low Weight, Economic Fuel Consumption.
3. Efficient Drive Unit meets Torque Requirement of Euro IV Engine.
4. Various Ratio makes reasonable Vehicle Motivity.
5. High-Frequency Quenched Spindle, convenients for Rim Disassembling.
6. Stamping Welding Structure, most domestic Suspension Matchable.
7. Optional Caliper according to different demand (Disc Brake).
8. Optional ASA according to different demand (Drum Brake).
9. Standard ABS enhanced Vehicle Stabilization and Controllability.