• Product name: CH70F Performance Features
  • Product ID: 02
  • Now is the time: 2011-09-23

主要参考数 Specification:

型号 Model:


额定承载 Nominal Load(Kg):


轮距 Wheel Tread(mm):


主销内倾角 Kingpin Inclination(°)


主销后倾角Caster Angle(°)

主销外倾角 Kingpin Camber(°) 0.5°

主销中心距 Kingpins Distance (mm)


前束 Tie-in(mm) -2~2
最大转角 Max.Turning Angle(°) 内45°/ 外37°
鼓式制动器规格 Drum Brake Spec.(mm ×mm) φ410×160
盘式制动器规格 Disc Brake Spec.(mm ×mm) 22.5“
自重 Axle Weight(Kg) 500 (鼓式)/ 510(盘式
匹配车型 Matching Model 12M~13.7M BUS

Performance characteristics

1.Adopted Advanced Technology from Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd., Korea, meets Requirement of High Class Buses.
2.High Rigidity, Low Weight of Front Axle, Economic Fuel Consumption.
3.Needle Roller Bearing Structure of King Pin, Steering Resistance Reduced, Maintenance-Free.
4.Tapered Roller Bearing Adopted, thus Load Capacity Increased, Steering Force Reduced.
5.Bigger Inner Steering Angle, Excellent Maneuverability.
6.Adjustable Tie Rod makes flexible Toe-In available, Service Life of Tire prolonged.
7.Reasonable King Pin Incidence improved Steering Stabilization.
8.Optimized Outer Camber prolonged Service Life of Tire.
9.Most domestic Suspension Structure matchable.
10. Disc Brake Structure, both domestic and abroad Disc Brakes optional.
      Standard ABS enhanced Vehicle Stabilization and Controllability.