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The axle is a car is four big one of main part

Bridge (also known as the axle ) through the suspension and the frame ( or monocoque ) connected, installed at both ends of automobile wheel. Its function is to transmit the frame ( or monocoque ) and between the wheels and the direction of applied force.

The axle can be integral, as a huge barbell, two ends of the suspension system to support the body, so the integral axle usually and the independent suspension with; axle can be disconnected, like two umbrella is inserted on both sides of the vehicle, and then through respective suspension system supporting body, so the breakaway bridge and independence suspension with.

According to the different driving modes, axle also divided into steering axle, drive axle, steering axle and support bridge four. The steering axle and support axle are driven bridge. Most car adopts front rear drive ( FR ), so the front axle as steering axle, rear axle as the axle; and the front engine front drive ( FF ) car front axle became the steering driving axle, rear axle acts as a support bridge.

Steering bridge structure is basically the same, comprising two knuckle and a cross beam. If the beam to a body, the steering knuckle is he rocked the head, the neck is what we often say that the kingpin, the wheel is arranged on a steering knuckle on the head, as if with a straw hat. However, when traveling hat, but does not turn head, intermediate bearings spaced apart, just shaking head. Neck -- main pin is the rotation of the wheel axis, the shaft axis is not perpendicular to the ground, the wheel itself is not vertical, we will in the wheel positioning section in detail.

Steering drive axle and steering bridge difference is that everything is hollow, the beam into a bridge shell, steering knuckle into the steering knuckle housing, because there is much drive shafts. The drive shaft was located on the bridge shell in the middle of one divides into two. Differential, and become two half shafts. The two straw hat does not simply set on his head, and the two half shaft directly connected. Semi axis in the" neck" is also the location of a number of joint -- universal joint, so the half shaft is turned into the two portion, inner shaft and the outer shaft.